Transactional Analysis and its Field of Practices

No doubt personality reflects the living styles and attitude of a person. But apart from this, way of talking, body language, and human behavior are the most important aspects of life. To survive optimistically and create the good reputation in the social community, organization or a company it is essential to have good communication, nature and behavior. The means of communication should be straightforward so that people can easily understand the exact meaning without taking it in wrong way. If you find difficulty in interacting with others and conveying your message then you need to develop the best communication skills. Any erroneous word can create misunderstanding by changing the meaning of speech.behavioral-health-counseling-services

Transactional Analysis or TA developed by the US psychiatrist Eric Berne is the psychological theory that helps an individual for their personal growth as well as professional development. The study of human behavior is considered as the most challenging task because it changes with the passage of time. TA is the ideal way that helps to improve the interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship by understanding the nature of people and own behavior. These days, numbers of people across the world use this theory both professionally and personally to maintain their interest, improve the communication and behavioral pattern, and growth through training, experiential workshop, courses, and so on.

People who think there is something wrong with their life but not able to identify it can get the solution of the problem with this psychological theory. There are many transactional analysts and trainers providing training to analyze social transactions, ego states, self-awareness, and other important factors that creates the impact on human behavior and personality.

TA training is very useful for those people who want to develop knowledge about how to develop positive attitude, generate self motivation, set the main goal of life, create expertise and find importance to their life. It proves to be very beneficial for educators and other professionals who wish to get perfection in their current career. The training can lead to qualification as a supervisor of practitioner in the respective field and trainers of transactional analysis (a person who supervise or teach transactional analyst).

Those interested in learning the concepts of this theory and further developing the expertise in fields of education, psychotherapy, organizational consultancy or counseling may engage in TA101 course. This is a program that gives the official introduction, deeper understanding and main applications of transactional analysis theory using the contemporary approach and case discussions.

Fields of application in transactional analysis


In psychotherapy, transactional analysts work with trainee to eliminates dysfunctional behaviors and create or strengthen the healthy functioning.


By using TA, counselor develop an equal working relationship with clients and work on “here and now” problem solving with them.


TA help educators to form an understanding of personality and functioning that get to every field of learning and unite the educational experience.


By using the concept of TA, organizational development specialists able to develop the common strategy and reduce the dysfunctional organizational behaviors.

The majority appeal of this theory has gaining the attention of social workers, parents, professionals, and other people who want to achieve maximum personal and professional growth.

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