White hat seo factors to rank Top 10 in search engines

Ranking at the top on search engines is the dream of every website owner but only few gets huge traffic and rest struggle for it and finally got failed only because they don’t focus on some good ranking factors.seo-592747_640

1 – Quality Content

If you are writing low content and if it is thin then ranking high in search engines is really tough for you so you should write long posts at least 500 to 1500 words long for better ranking possibility.

2 – Returning visitors

Returning visitor is now also one of important ranking factor so always you should try to increase them by sharing most useful content in blog posts, making them your subscriber or follower on social media sites also.

3 – Domain Age

For giving good search position Google always consider that how old is domain, If all rest factors are equal in between two domains but the first is old and second is new then Google will give 1st domain upper position because it is old. So you can wait for becoming your domain old or you can buy any old domain which is ready to sell.

4 – Keyword appears in Domain

Friends if your domain name contains any word from the main keyword in it then ranking for that is really easier and in this way your ranking chances improves magically. So if you are going to make niche website then we would suggest you to add any keyword in your domain name.

5 – History of Domains

History of the domain name always matters a lot and there are better chances of ranking for those domain names who has clean history like no hacking, no penalization, not banned etc.

6 – White hat link profile

Many bloggers and web masters now days try to create backlinks faster than earlier and because of it most of time they get penalized their own websites. Personally I would suggest all of them to avoid bulk link creation at one time and they should avoid, I would suggest them to create different type of backlinks at different timing and always with different anchor text. This would give them good ranking in quick time.

7 – Website Auditing

Time to time website auditing is really must to check is there any mistakes done in on page seo or there is any harmful backlink created by your competitor on your website to provide you harm. Website auditing also includes your site’s structure observation also and for all this purpose you can use seo power suite which can give you detailed information about negative points in your website.

8 – Number of page views –

Friends websites overall performance always matters like you must focus on creating more valuable content by adding valuable information in it and this will give you more page views in return and it will reduce bounce rate also which in return will rank your website higher in search engines. We have practically observed at mywptips.com that more page views automatically improves ranking.

9 – Image optimization

This is modern technique which helps us getting traffic from image search engines. If you will add alt text in your images then there are better chances of ranking your images in Google image search which in return gives you good traffic from Google images search engines.

10 – Visitors experience on your website

It all depends on the loading time, navigation of the website and mobile friendliness also which gives better visiting experience to your visitors in your website. These are now latest ranking factors and if you will seriously focus on them then your website ranking will surely improve in search engines. Thanks.

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